Welcome to GalacticBees – the home of beeloving passion!

Your visit is an honour for us! Our small projects is the beginning of a great dream! Observe and participate, get inspired and informed about how bees and humans can achieve a new level of harmonious relationship and heal the world together! 
Wisdom of our ancestors, natural energy healing, consious and kind attitude towards life in and around us, sustainable living and utilizing the gifts of nature with love and respect are all foundation of our quest here on Earth. Bees are just the beginning of a positive chain reaction we aim to start with the help of all of You:))

Stay tuned!

It started with a feeling

Bees stormed our hearts and changed curiosity into true passion. We want to protect and cherish this bond because it's a source of wisdom and happiness! This site is dedicated to bees and their contribution to our lives. Stay with us to know more and discover secrets of nature:) Those amazing little creatures can teach us all quite a few important lessons. Stay tuned!

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Mission possible – save the bees!

We are here because we want to help save the bees and show the world of their importance. Just the two of us is not enough, but together with all of You we are unstoppable. We believe the key to change and saving bees is education. With small steps and willing hearts we can create many positive changes and give ourselves a better world !

Stay tuned!