Our big wish is to show to the people how we can support each other, share knowledge and ideas, offer kindness and respect.
We have one home, and we are all responsible for it.

We are a family of:



Hello world! We are a small family of 3. Not long ago there were more of us – 13 hives, with ca.15 thousands bees each. Many things that happened and lots of decisions ago we met bees. Amazing little creatures doing everything that’s necessary and intended by nature for it’s and our well-being and harmony. We had brilliant four years learning, working, flying and falling, gaining experience, collecting energy, ideas and thinking about what we need to change to make a passion our everyday life. We knew we have one chance to be happy by making a choice about what brings us joy. And so we did. First the “leap of faith”, then “sailing unknown waters” and finally “friendly breeze” of new life. We changed a lot to be where we are. It wasn’t easy but it’s one of a kind feeling, when able to decide about every single aspect of your life. Freedom to be who You are is something beautifull, worth every hardship. We are here to give You courage and inspiration and share our experiences with others like-minded. Join us and follow the creation of a dream and life flowing with honey


By helping others we create strong energy field of concious cooperation and positive domino-effect.


Through this platform we wish to give bees all the necessary help to thrive and give humans a pretext to feel the love !

Hive Products

Strong bees are able to share with us the fruits of their hard work in many shapes! Discover the genius of Mother Earth!

Supporting Galactic Bees

You can support us and our project in many different ways. You are welcome to share your ideas and knowledge to help us find better solutions, learn and feel that we are all a part of something bigger, a community of people thinking and feeling alike. If You have already created or you are taking part in an initiative that’s somehow (define yourself!)close to what we do, let us know, we can be partners and establish a line of cooperation and exchange. You can contribute to our work by purchasing original and pure products in our shop. This way You are helping us take care of our Bees, supporting us in developing new initiatives and in a long run giving us chance to help others!
There is also a Donate button on the site and your willingnes to support us this way is greatly appreciated. All the informations, solutions, upgrades and investments are open and for free to follow in journal section and You can observe our path of advancements and actively help in taking care of each other!Follow Your Heart:)

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