A whole concept of GalacticBees is basically to give good example and show our ways to the world. Our philosophy assumes that all life is sacred. We perceive all creatures around us as equals and work with them like partners recognizing their inteligence and treating them with respect. We wish to share a new realm of concious aproach towards Nature and Her inhabitants in form of bees and other pollinating insects. By acknowledging their presence as essential and getting people to know their(bees) uniqueness we can start to fix our world into right tracks, together, peacefully. We need them to live and they need us to survive. It’s still not too late.

The Challenge

We believe that our biggest challenge lies in building conciusness and responsibility in people towards their closest enviroment. Quality of each enviroment is the quality of the world, and each enviroment consist of thousands of living organisms which harmonious cooperation quarantee balance. Bees are just an example that something bad happens around us that makes smaller and more fragile creatures dissapear. The balance is off and we need to fix it. Everyday choices like shopping can help educating childreen in Africa or destroy another part of Amazonian rainforest. Everything start with Your choice.

The Solution

We have one Earth. She is alive and is giving us air, water, food and shelter. This is our home and it’s all we have. By standing together as one, by protecting natural resources and utilizing them with care and respect we create good example for next generations. It’s our future and we all want it to be bright and safe, but we need to act. Support sustainable living and positive solutions, help local initiatives, invest in development of clean technologies, give a smile to those who work hard with their hands, and remember – Everything starts with Your choice.

Complete BeEco Identity

We live in a beautifull countryside in a heart of Europe. We have a farm away from cities, roads and noises. We are surrounded by fields, forests and meadows. There is no pollution here, no industry, no big companies. Only clean air and winds carrying songs of birds. We moved almost thousand kilometers, leaving previous existence behind to establish our new life on this land. We did it for bees and our future together, because we all deserve a chance to live peacefully in a healthy enviroment. We believe that happiness is an inherent element of real life, and such a life can bring much good to everyone and be inspiration for others, giving courage and showing possibilities. Visit journal section to know us better and be able to participate in something positive, a life changing plan!

The Difference

Learn why bees are so important, why it is our obligation to protect them and how our world needs to wake up and start to care. Nature without humans will survive and thrive but Earth without bees will never be the same! 

Inside a Beehive


Bee family cosists of Queen Bee who is a mother of every bee in a whole Colony, working bees performing different duties inside and outside the hive and seasonal drones(male bee). Queen Bee is served, cleaned and taken care of all the time. She’s being nurtured and fed with bee milk, a unique substance that gives her ability to live longer and lay larvaes which will become working bees (or drones-if needed).Working bee is barren and her life lasts about a month. Duties the bees have during that time change as they get older. Despite the fact that the Queen seems to be the leader the truth is that she is just a tool. Only working bees at specific time of their lifespan are able to produce the bee milk that is neccesary for Queen to be created and sustained. They have the ability to decide when there is a need for New Queen. It’s a genius self-regulating mechanism which proofs that bees have a highly advanced collective consioussnes which regulates all the processes occuring inside a hive. At the same time they are dependent upon resources outside the hive, which they sustain and provide for themselves by their work of pollination through collecting nectar which they change into their food. Brilliant! In journal you can learn more and observe how bees live in harmony with cycles of nature, how they utilize resources for their needs, how are they able to survive winter and how do they find nectar? Let yourself be inspired and get to know the magnificent world You live in!

We are connected

GalacticBees wants to show You how all life is connected to each other and how seemingly insignificant part of it, like little bees, are in fact a key to maintain and sustain our very own existence. Follow our work through journal section to tap into a pulse of nature and be sure that it is never too late to establish Your own connection with life. Just Breathe:)

From small moves to big changes

By helping bees we help our closest enviroment keep balance, thrive and be able to sustain small and big organisms. If our green neighbourhood is healthy, a whole region can be rich and blossom in harmony. If close region is balanced, a whole local enviroment will provide for everyone and if this is the case everywhere on our planet, we can become proud and precious members of Earth Family.

People <3 Earth

Humanity is able to become the positive driving force behind the greatest change ever seen because of our ability to change! Let’s start with simple things – love&respect – to others, to bees, to trees. We need to remember our true heritage which lies in ancient wisdom, simplicity, kindness and respect towards the gift of life. We are nature as well, we need each other.