Hello everyone!
I had a plan to post one lost article from before the collapse of the site, but I heard that today is a very special day and it’s a chance to discuss and highlight something very important. Today, 18.11.2017 is European Antibiotic Awarness Day and i would like to use this oportunity to write a little bit about this topic from my point of view.

Some of You might already know that next to a beekeeping I am also a healer, a certified one which gives me some right to speak up about matters concerning human health, from a bit different perspective, You could say. I expand my knowledge by constant education and by being curious of gifts of nature, exploring, searching and creating. I use only energy, minerals, herbs and bee products as a tools to help others and also a policy of prevention to create awarness of self responsibility with everyday habits and „baby steps” changes which can bring and sustain good health. Beekeeping showed me how little insects hard work can contribute to our health and well-being and that’s what standing behind my decision to write this article.

What I observe in todays world and another reason why I write this text is a tendency to be in a hurry. To have „no time” for anything, to accelerate everything we do, maximize effects, profits and have results „for yesterday”. All of this happens without consideration to a human as a living being, but what’s more troubling, people seem to not stand oppose to be treated that way. As we can see in modern world, this kind of self mistreatment can’t and won’t be left without consequences. Condition of our bodies is the best indicator for this statement. What happens next? We start to get tired, vexed, our eyes seems like made of glass and our nose begins to sneeze. Most people when feel sick, run to doctor and demand antibiotics or are just given them to fix their problems FAST. Is it going to be quicker to regain health? Probably. Are we going to feel the positive effects of a therapy? Yes! Is it going to kill all bad pathogenes and viruses? Surely it will, but not only that… Some of You might think it’s a bit radical, but in my opinion antibiotics are a „soft chemotherapy”. Instead of a tumor, we have to deal with an attack of a hostile microorganisms which got into our bodies and try to ruin it. When we use antibiotics to fight the enemy we will surely win but simultanously with killing off the bad invaders, we will also totally devastate our own immune system and that’s one important argument to be remembered. Chemotherapy do the same, but it’s much stronger, harming us more, surely because the enemy is much more dangerous. Anyway, after antibioticotherapy we are basically defenseless, like a baby…but…after some few additional pills we are able to quite quickly go back to work, to our responsibilities and obligations, instead of lying in bed for days doing nothing, and that’s the main goal, or maybe the greatest tragedy? After taking antibiotics our immune system gets blank, it runs through a restart, but next to bad microorganisms it loses also all good microflora and all effects of our positive habits towards our good health get wiped out as well. We start building everything from nothing.

These substances are perceived as miraculous and I also see them this way, but they are just massively misused and that’s why EAAD(European Antibiotic Awarness Day) was established. To show to the people that this is our thickest defense line against many serious illneses which if not treated with antibiotics could be deadly, and history shows that they were, yet we use antibiotics like candys. Consider please, that this kind of therapy makes us really weak and open to catch another disease because we lack immunity. Doctors prescribe some additional pills to be taken with or right after antibiotics to rebuild our bodys positive flora, but it’s not changing the fact that we took away a chance for our body to learn and fight with its own power,  so it can grow stronger and resist the illness next time or just fight it easily without us even noticing. What is also very important – pathogenes are not stupid organisms, they are starting to get immune to most antibiotics and every year we deal with new versions of flu and other possibly dangerous pathogenes which are evolving, getting smarter and creating new versions of itself…That’s a second very important argument to be remembered before asking Your doctor for antibiotic next time.

I will tell You a short story from my life. Me and my husband have not been sick for years. We really try to take care of ourselves – healthy meals, proper nutrition with seeds, oils, fruits and vegetables, warm clothes, etc. This year we were not able to run away from flu, though we live in a very clean enviroment, one visit to city was enough to get infected and instead of going to a doctor for known prescribtion, we decided to fight on our own. My husband got the heavier version of an illness because he was out of life for a week, lying in bed, then fighting the remnants of flu for next week and a half. I was sick for 5 days without the heavy symptoms so I could take care for both of us. Basically what we did, we let our bodies fight the disease on it’s own with a proper help on our side, getting immune at the same time for this type of a virus if it would like to visit us again. I was cooking specific dishes at that time, plenty of cream soups to not strain the body unnecesarilly with digesting. Every dish was full of herbs but they were rich especially with garlic and onion. Imagine the smell, but it was worth it! As an addition to that we drank each  2 liters of special tea on herbs collected this year on the fields around us with triple dosage of propolis solution, bees pollen, raw honey and lemon. For troubling runny nose and sore throat I made a parsley&propolis inhalation. No antibiotics, even aspirine wasn’t necessary, because we know human body is smart and it just needs us to not get in its way, but help a bit here and there. Time is an issue, I know, but nobody should go out when sick to at least not spread the pathogenes around. What hurt my heart, before we got sick we saw many people sneezing and caughing while at work. Pale and trembling but doing what they have to, tragedy! We hoped that our prevention policy will shield us but the virus was really nasty this year – it means one thing – it mutated.

Please understand, I am not an enemy to conventional medicine, I just wish to bring You a bigger picture or maybe a different perpective to a situation which is very common, but is not necessary showing us a positive results in a long run. Everything good You’ve been doing as a health practice, all the small steps towards good habits, better food, suplementaion, etc. is being wiped out after antibiotics. World and its mechanisms make us run because it itself is not created in unison with human needs and in respect to our feelings and well-being. That is one of the reasons for misusing one of our greatest achievements as a civilisation, because we want to see effects FAST. We must undestand that behind this haste, there isn’t always standing GOOD for us and our loved ones. What really worries me sometimes it’s how easily we forget about our own needs, not only physical but also emotional to avoid stress, to know how to make ourselves feel good and at peace. Our state of mind is as important in maintaining our health as good diet or exercises.

I shared this recent story from my life to highlight how bees products used wisely and combined with other natural means are able to help our body be strong and fight on it’s own. In one of the previous articles I wrote specifically about propolis and despite the fact that this text didn’t cover all informations about this product I wish to remind here a statement, saying that propolis is a natural antibiotic. What makes propolis different from antibiotic prescribed by a doctor is a fact that it is not destroying our bodys positive flora but mobilizing our own life-forces to deal with an illness. In addition to this topic I must say that propolis deals with bacteria, viruses and fungi, while traditional antibiotics are highly specialized but only towards one or the other. It basically means that if Your doctor gives You antibiotic for virus, but Your infection is bacterial, it’s not gonna work. But it will weaken You anyway, so I ask all of You, please be careful. Every time You take antibiotic into Your body You weaken it’s response to this substance and one day it might not help anymore.

I believe bees products saved us many times before as a preventing sumplementation and it was a good decision to papularize this topic and use those gifts to help ourselves get back to full health. That’s why we wanted to also offer You this gifts to help all of You in knowing the wisdom of nature. By scratching a bit this topic of antibiotics, using this special day as an opportunity, I was able to share with all of You something really important. A fact that You always have a choice. By utilizing this right You can start to really know that You are smart and Your body is a miracle of nature which can regulate, heal and regenarate itself with a little bit of help on our side. I am not sugesting to avoid doctor, but to listen to Your own body’s needs and cooperate with it instead of going into fear and using the simplest but not always best solution.

In our shop we offer a Pure 10% Propolis Solution which is perfect as a prevention, especially that here in North Hemisphere we are already facing short days and cold nights which are not so bad when You can hold a warm tea with addition of a gift from a hive which help us and can help You as well, wherever You are:)

Manny blessings to all of You!