Gifts from the hive – PROPOLIS

„Gifts from the hive” will consist of a cycle of texts, about everything that bees are producing. I will not say specifically right now, because You might want to be surprised:) Every article in this category will cover basic informations and interesting facts about bee products. Their characteristic features, properties, look and other aspects considering cosmetic and medical. We will be adding pictures and movies, but that will start in spring 2018:)

I decided to start with propolis, which You can also call „bee glue”. It is really special substance, known and used across thousands of years, all around the world as natural medicine. It looks like pieces of plasticine, but it gets harder and brittle while kept in cold and more elastic when heated. It possesses a nice aroma and varies in color from pale yellow, green, red to dark brown depending on source and age. Basically it is a mixture of resins, waxes, essential oils, pollen and various organic compounds including bees saliva. It’s name „Propolis” is a greek word for „outskirts of the city”, basically as a form of reinforcement, like a wall. And it is the main role of this substance. Bees are using this glue to strengthen the structural stability of their home, to make it more immune to external conditions like wind, rain and cold, but due to amazing chemical properties bees also use propolis to keep inside of their home clean and free from pathogenes. What’s really astonishing is that there were incidents that a lizard or mouse got inside a hive. For bees it is an assault so they usually kill such an invader. But what would they do with a body? It’s gonna get stinky, right? Well, yes, but it’s not a problem for bees.

They will mummificate the body using propolis and this way, even if they are not able to remove the corpse out of the hive, they will protect themselves from consequences of leaving the body to rot. It’s gonna get dry and due to amazing activity of propolis as a medicine killing bacteria, viruses and fungi no dangerous pathogenes will be able to survive. This was known also for ancient Egyptians who were using propolis as one of the ingredients in embalming of bodies.

Humans can use propolis in many different ways and for many indispositions. It can be swallowed or put on skin. It’s most common use is for infections, cold, flu-like symptoms, healing wounds and burns, acne, herpes and tinea. It is working together with natural forces of body strenghtening it and in contrast to synthetic drugs it kills only pathogenes, leaving immune system of an organism unharmed.
I hear You asking, why there is no propolis everywhere? Why do we use chemical drugs and antibiotics if there is natural substance, with incredible properties, safe and universal?

Well, there is few points to explain:
1. People who are allergic to bee venom and honey, ARE also allergic to propolis, so they CAN’T use it, for their own safety.
2. Although propolis is amazing and is able to heal and help many indispositions, we still don’t know everything about it and, as You can observe, pharmaceutical industry doesn’t help much with something they can’t patent and create because of lack of knowledge which they will not gain until they start to explore, but they won’t cause it’s unprofitable. Cirlce closed.
3. Propolis has a high value because it can’t be produced by people, it can only be collected from bees. But bees also need propolis and study showed that when propolis was taken away from bees massively, industrially, they started to collect random sticky substances from around, collecting also glues, rubber and other chemical mixtures from human seats just to replace what they couldn’t find and produce enough for themselves in nature. So it became dangerous for bees and humans and study ended with conclusions that propolis can’t be obtained in big amounts because of limited resources, which lack makes propolis lose it’s exeptional properties.
4. We all suffer now, because we face the disappearance of bees around the world. If they are gone, so is propolis and other gifts.
5. Propolis from different parts of the world can have slightly different properties due to unique flora of each region and various natural ingredients present in specific enviroment. It could be a problem in general to standardize it as a product. Personally I think it is awesome, because we know there are places on this Earth that are one in a million, various and colorfull, and who knows what properties would propolis have, which was obtained in totally clean, unchanged, full of rare herbs and flowers unspoiled terrain.

So as You can see it is really miraculous gift of nature, rare and unique. What is really amazing, if You are not yet amazed, is that propolis, kept in dark glass(sunrays sterilize propolis of it’s properties) and mixed with alcohol can be „active”, which means it will keep it’s healing properties, for over 25 years and I think it might be much longer. Now You can start to understand, at least to some degree, why our life started to circle around bees. There are not only gifts in the hive, there is true wisdom. Something we, humans, might understand and value if we start to listen and be receptive. Mother Nature is older than us, she has her secrets but she knows better. Thank You.
It’s not the finish line of wonders of propolis and other gifts! If You wish so, You can obtain a pure propolis solution in our shop, but be advised that our stock is limited and preparing of the best product, like 10% pure propolis solution, lasts almost a month. Stay tuned for more news and revisit us often:))