Our story begins with love.

First, there were two people, man and woman, who loved each other and despite all the differences and prejudices decided to stick together. They were together all the time, living, working, resting and having fun. Growing strong and conquering hardships and fails. Company of each other was all that was necessary for those two, but they knew that there is a world outside of them and this world is affecting them big ways whether they like it or not. They had many skills, interests and were educated healers and good people. They were not able to support themselves through their skills though, so they had to keep their heads low and just go on with life. They learned to accept it the way it is as they were living ordinary life, doing ordinary work to provide for themselves, but they were definitely not ordinary people.Years have passed, although they tried, the world didn’t change for the better and everyday life more and more seemed like slowly losing time and energy, doing things that don’t really matter, sacrificing youth and limited time for no reason. Simultaneously to their routine they started to develop a hobby together, under a watchful eye of an old sage. It started with a visit to a small bee farm out of curiosity and in the next few weeks everything happened fast.

They were given one, old and heavy like a rock beehive with a single family of bees living inside to test their skills and will of working on their own. They loved it right from the start. The job, the bees, everything! First year was hard, full of sweat, pain and mistakes, but being around bees made them feel like kids again, at ease and peacefull, playing and having fun. It was like a new reality, colorfull and filled with joy. When bees survived the winter the next year, they knew what’s going to happen and somewhere around May there were already 3 hives and it was a year of true passion, first honey and…proposal. Slowly they were making progress and gaining confidence to discover that their thoughts are drifting towards possible future of keeping bees as a proffesion of everyday life. Our couple started to work extra hard in their routine, collecting resources and using their free time to learn from bees as much as they could. At the beginning of spring of 2016 there were already 13 hives and the dream started to come true. It was a spectacular success. Strong bees provided with lots of honey and other bee products which our couple started to collect as well as utilize in many ways, mostly to aid others, but the enviroment wasn’t good neither for bees nor for humans.

Everyday, ordinary life started to feel odd and alien and they felt that the universe is coming up with something. This was the beginning of a dream, new and true for Matteo and Irissa, main characters of our story, because in a short night of summer solstice, when they got married they promised to each other something more than just eternal love. Their hearts were overflowing with happiness and eyes were gazing towards undefined future which was holding their dreams.

Matteo and Irissa, my husband and I, were not really ready for what was coming, but who can be ready for unknown? We were suffocating in life which wasn’t fully ours, following directions which were not our own and marching towards goals that had nothing to do with us. We decided to take this one-in-a-lifetime chance to change..everything. We sold what we had that was valuable, sold part of our bee products and unfortunately hives and bees as well, because it was too far to take them with us. We took all our savings from previous years, packed everything that was left of our previous existence which fit into one car and left. We bought a small, old, wooden house with a small piece od land, in the middle of nowhere and decided to start anew. It took us three months to create living conditions and 1 January 2017 became first day of our new reality and a story which begins here:)