Dear friends and followers!
Altough our adventure with GalacticBees has just started we already face some major problems with the site. We were supossed to start on 19.10.2017 with fully operational site, marking the New Moon in Libra with our surprise to Creation, but as You can see, “something” is streching our patience and trying to boycott our efforts. Every day some new surprises arise and we try to face them the best we can. I have no idea how long the problems will last due to a fact that our friend A. is taking care of all technical issues and he has limited time and resources. There is also a waiting period lasting to 24h after every maintenance upgrade and we can just wait and see how things will unfold. We ask for Your positive energy stream to reinforce our strenghts in facing all issues and certainty that we will see the end of all logs under our feet. Patience is a key-word for us and we ask You for the same, for not giving up on us, please:) I have some few surprises for all of You when matters will finally get clear and You can be sure that WE WILL NEVER GIVE UP on fulfilling our goals and dreams! Peace!