The begining of a day is a very unique and intimate routine for each of us. Everyone has its rituals like shower, excercises or coffee, but let me share with You very simple and powerfull recipe to start Your day with boost of positive energy! You might consider this “energy potion” as an everyday gift to yourself:)

1 glass of warm water(max. Temperature 30 C)
1 flat table spoon of Raw Honey
1 slice of lemon
* optionally: 5-10 drops of propolis solution

Mix all the ingredients, let the honey dissolve completely and drink it all 🙂

This simple, yet amazing coctail will give Your body everything it needs to start a day with full energy. Raw Honey is a source of simple glucose and fructose, it is alkaline for the body, like raw fruits and veggies. It also contains minerals, microelements, organic acids and many others. Mixed with lemon effectively relieves nausea and provides vitamine C. Addition of propolis is optional, if You face lack of sleep, of immunity, stress, cold or just want to give Your body a boost so it can protect itself better, add propolis and be healthy and full of energy all year long!

The best results can be achieved if You drink this mixture on empty stomach, before anything else in the morning!
I wish You all the best mornings with gifts from bees!

By Irissa