We are a small family farm so the products available in the shop are limited. Please, be advised that in 2017 we were not able to attain any bee resources due to life changes and we are on our way to establish a fully fuctioning bee farm starting spring 2018. Through winter 2017/18 we will provide various informations, share with You our stockpiles from previous years and prepare for a new working season. Stay tuned for awesome hand-made gifts, seasonal promotions and surprising occasions! This is just the beginning!

Bee wax candles

Bee wax is a remarkable alternative for common paraffine and other chemical waxes. Bee wax was known and used for centuries but only recently it became valued for it’s special properties. It characterizes with wonderfull scent of honey and propolis. Such a candle burns long and slowly, its flame is bright and still. It is cleansing the air of bad smells and electromagnetic noises. It helps people with allergies and asthma. It is recommended to burn bee wax candle for 10-20 minutes a day for optimal results. For more informations, tips and secrets follow us in journal section!

Propolis(bee glue)

It is a resinous mixture that bees produce by mixing saliva with substances gathered from tree buds and other botanical sources. They use it mostly to seal small gaps, reinforce the structural stability of the hive and protect themselves from diseases. For humans, propolis is a valuable substance which shows amazing healing properties and can be utilized in many ways. In our shop You can attain a pure solution of 10% propolis. Ethanol is used as carrier substance which gives it long period of validity and makes it a product „ready to use”. It is kept in a dark glass and goes with practical bottle with dropper. Visit journal to know more of amazing features of pure propolis and why it’s so precious!


Soon to show up

  • Propolis Ointment with coco oil and bee wax!
  • More&Different models of candles
Wait for more amazing gifts that bees&we can share with You for your well-being and delight!