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    a. We are able to provide a laboratory tests results for our clients, proving the highest quality of our bee products and showing content of each component.
    b. As for the fact that some people are allergic to bee products, which symptoms vary and present different stages of danger to health and life, we as physical owners ARE NOT responsible for potential accidents or life/health threatening situations with a use of our products advising all clients to be thoughtful and responsible.
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  5. We ship our products wordwide and there is flat rate for each zone.
    a. Please be advised that there might be specific regulations with bee products in Your country as for shipping. We check all requirements and inform all clients individually if there is any problem.
    b. Costs of shipping are the lowest possible we have been able to offer to our client and we use standart post office offer, but be advised that these prices apply to standart package to max. 1 kg weight. If package is heavier we will contact client in order to equalize the costs.
    c. There is possibility to ship product with other shipping company which will definitely be faster but it costs at least twice the standard price and we ask all clients to inform us about Your desire to use different shipping company and be ready to cover additional costs.